We are counted among one of the foremost distributors, retailers, traders and suppliers of Michelin Tyres. Our product range is manufactured by our reliable vendor group Michelin Tyres in their high units using high quality raw material. These tyres are specially known for their patterns, speed, sturdy construction and reliable performances. We, Kashmir tyre house stock for passenger tyres and commercial vehicles of brands of Michelin. Help is provided to you to choose the best tyre for your vehicle. There are few categories and on that basis of which we help you choose tyre just like for family cars, heavy load vehicle, for extreme off road conditions, etc.

Passengers Tyres: Never compromise on safety. And that's particularly true when it comes to passenger car tyres. Enjoy the excellent safety and reliability for everyday driving. Passenger tyres are normally used for city road, they can also be used for dirt roads but not for extreme off road. These have got superior grip and safety on wet roads, as well as added protection against road hazards.

Trucks and Bus Tyres: The off road and commercial tyres just like bus & truck are robust and durable. Here the rubber compound absorbs impact, resists piercing and cuts. These tyres are perfect for extreme off roads. Thus best for severe service tyre for heavy loads. Big shoulders provide complete adoption to the ground and avoid rolling back and sideways slippage.

OTR:- As a professional Earthmover operator you need to realize lower costs per hour, long tyre life and outstanding protection to insure lower cost of production while increasing productivity. Discover how Michelin radial tyres can improve productivity and reduce operating costs.

For outstanding performance at a competitive price, customers from around the world turn to Michelin for innovative radial tyre solutions. As the undisputed leader in radial tyre technology, Michelin tyres are engineered to provide:
  • Long tyre life
  • Exceptional protection against cuts, punctures and tears
  • Excellent traction
  • Fuel economy
  • Smooth ride and operator comfort

    Earthmover Tires Designed for some of the toughest, most unforgiving environments on the planet, Michelin Earthmover produces tires for a multitude of applications. For every type of surface where earth moving equipment is used, there is a premium MICHELIN® tire available to help get the job done.
    a. Surface mining.
    b. Underground mining.
    c. Construction.
    d. Industrial.

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